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Ingrid Mahalia Sterling

My name is Ingrid Mahalia Sterling. I am a mother of four wonderful children, three daughters and a son. I have an Associates degree in nursing and have always been self employed for most of my career life, and now I am retired. Thank God. I am the founder and CEO of Queendom Biz LLC and I have always had the desire for entrepreneurship. I have never liked working by punching a clock on anyone’s time but my own. I am an Inventor, dabbled in real estate and home decorating. I became a restauranteur at one point. I believe God has given me this measure of talent accordingly as He sees fit. I hope this book will inspire writers of all genre to follow their dream. Thank you for being a part of this journey.

To God be the Glory!

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    Lyrics in the Twilight

    You won’t want to put this poetry book down. It’s filled with tales of excitement, God’s grace, love, and characters that will flood your mind as you read. You could go on and on in your imagination as it breathtakingly thrusts your thoughts into an abyss filled with the understanding of the ebb and flow, the ups and downs, the good and bad that throws life’s journey into so many twists, turns and directions of uncertainties, sexual innuendos, guns, lust,sin, grief, domestic violence, abortion,murder, prostitution, sickness, ancestral history, drunk driving , alcoholism, yet hope, forgiveness, love, courage, Christ’s Birth, and the beauty of a transformed mind and creation brings light in each scenarios.

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